In November 2007 we pitched for the Melbourne Next Wave art festival. The festival theme was “Closer Together” which prompted us to create the HUGBOT; a domestic closeness enforcement appliance. We cobbled together a HUGBOT prototype out of heating ducts, duct tape and expanding foam, and photographed it in it’s natural home environment.

Next Wave

Adrian Hogan — Concept illustrations

Type grid system

Our type treatment started with rationalising the Next Wave logo down to a family of strokes that could all be drawn on the same grid.

Ergosterol Etch

We expanded this into two display faces; named Ergosterol Etch and Ergosterol Tech (anagrams of Closer Together).

Ergosterol Tech

Etch’s sloppy & overweight cousin.

HUGBOT concept illustration

Illustrations by Adrian Hogan

HUGBOT promo photo

Space-heater control panel!

Promotional poster

We love graph paper.