Lifelounge put together a publicity campaign for Work Safe Victoria to target young people entering the workplace. The idea was to encourage employees to speak up about workplace safety by making fun of the phrase “big mouth”. They commissioned artists to respond to the phrase and then documented the results. The website was an essential part of the project, and we wanted it to have a big mouth of it’s own – quite literally. The very first idea we had, the silly one that you are supposed to throw away, was to make the entire website into a giant mouth. We couldn’t shake this idea, and the client loved it, so that’s what we did.


Lifelounge — Identity


You can see here that each of the teeth turned into a navigation button, the uvula was the Big Mouth Logo, and all the content lived inside the cavernous mouth. This page was skinned with a concrete texture and bright colours, to match the aesthetic of the renowned street artist, D*Face.

Page footer

The tongue of each page contained social network information and the small text section, as well as additional set of navigation teeth.

Many mouths

Since the artists would respond to the project in many different styles; we felt the website itself should have a different mouth for every page. We skinned central website pages in different colours, and used special textured mouths for each of the artists’ pages.

Website animation

The giant mouths were animated in HTML and Javascript; opening and closing each time a page changed. The teeth would also wiggle when you hovered over them; the website obviously didn’t have the best dental hygiene.