This boutique cocktail bar needed to update their cocktail menus and the concept almost wrote itself. One of the bar’s features is an enormous print of a vintage Melway street directory across an entire wall. We decided to purchase copies of this directory and have them trimmed and rebound into cocktail menu books.

Collingwood World


We drew inspiration from the 1966 Melway street directory that covers an entire wall at Collingwood World.

Melway menus

We bought 25 old Melway street directories on eBay and had them trimmed down to use as the cocktail menu books.


The menus have to be updated frequently by staff, so we designed the menu as a series of stickers they could apply inside the Melway books.


We also back-dated their logo to suit the retro style of the old Melway directories; taking out modern features and choosing simpler typefaces.


It’s fascinating to flick through the suburbs while you’re waiting for your drink to be made.