Our new office space is shared amongst a few other businesses, so we needed to give the building it’s own identity. We found an old photo of the building in the state archives and drew inspiration from it’s original usage as an Ironmongers in the early 20th century.

Self initiated

John Downer — Lettering
United Measures — Framing
Liquorice Studio — Photography


An old photo of our building from the early 20th century, when it was an Ironmongers. We loved the oddly shaped sign and the beautiful lettering — we decided to adapt it for our new office’s signage.


We designed a new version of the Ironmongers sign and commissioned the lettering to be hand painted by John Downer — one of America’s greatest living sign painters. John cut the sign into several pieces to fit in the post; which lead to the quirky vertical cuts you can see here.


John’s painting was so beautiful we had it framed by Ryan from United Measures.

Exterior signage

We mounted a wooden version of the sign above our front door.

Interior signage

We share our new studio with some friends, so we erected street signs on the support beams to indicate where each business is located.


Thanks to Liquorice Studio for the photographs.