Mint is a tricky business to get your head around. They are a recruitment company for recruitment workers; they have a very small and specialised target audience and it’s an industry with a bad reputation. We were challenged to present this company as straight-talking, honest, and fundamentally different from their competition. This meant: no stock photography, no boring corporate website, and lots of text content. We came up with an identity that is a conversation; and text treatments to educate their audience from a disarmingly colourful voice.

Mint Recruitment


There isn’t one colour scheme or logo for Mint: there’s a series of different styles that get used for different aspects of their business.


Built as a single page scrolling site, each section is in a different colour scheme. As you scroll past a section, the main navigation and logo changes colour to match.

Business cards

Each staff member has business cards in 10 different colour styles; which is a great way to begin a conversation and a good excuse to offer multiple cards to clients.