PipeDream is an independent Melbourne theatre company that embraces it’s name. Bursting with young talent, we created their identity to match their enthusiastic and low-budget approach to creativity. Their identity was entirely constructed from coloured plastic drinking straws; including an 80 character custom typeface. We also completed branding for their 2007 season, constructing a series of drinking straw objects for each play, as well as a website.


Custom typeface

36 dollars worth of drinking straws were used…

Illuminated signage in daylight

Again constructed from straws.

Illuminated signage at nighttime

Lit up with EL wire.

Pipe chart

Straws can be used for anything!

Business cards

Customised for each board member.

Excerpt from sponsorship package

Neo Sans is the supporting face.

Promotional images

Images for the 2007 season.

PipeDream website

Featuring artwork from the shows.