A happy ending to our work a few months earlier on the Next Wave Festival Pitch was being contacted a month later to put together a catalogue for an event in the festival Program. Remote was a program of video art pieces across two venues during the festival. We wheeled out the imagery and typography from our festival proposal, enjoying the visual pun of the hand reaching for a giant remote. We were also inspired by the idea of V-Hold on old televisions, the vertical control dial that if set incorrectly, caused the image to loop vertically endlessly. We employed a technique of v-holding (or vertically repeating) text and images throughout the catalogue.

Next Wave


The front cover employed a unique double fold, and revealed the pages of the catalogue inside.

Front Page

Opening up the front cover reveals the front page of the publication, as well as exhibition dates in the side-panel of the cover.

Inside cover removed

The inside of the front cover contained a venue map, which when removed from the catalogue via the perforations became a useful way to navigate between venues.

Cover opened up

When fully opened up, the front cover becomes a poster. It is perforated for easy removal from the main catalogue.

Title page

The title page is the first to display the v-hold repetition of content inside the catalogue.

Introductory essay

The essay showcases the V-hold happening across pages, as if the essay layouts are cropped out of a long vertical page scroll.

Introductory essay, part two

Blue overprinting was used to spice up a single colour print job without adding too much to the cost.


Images in the main program pages were repeated on opposite pages to the v-held text content.


Blue highlighting of important dates helps break up the repeating content on the page.


Safari Team thankfully never complained about having their biography truncated twice.


To save on dosh, extra copies of the posters were printed. The reverse side was printed with invitations, and when perforated, they became collect-them-all style take aways.


Invitations printed on the reverse side of the posters.


Collect them all, you say?