This is the big one. We actively developed this facebook game for our client, CashCompare, for well over a year. It’s a fun and casual take on a financial trading game. Users customise their own money box avatars and then compete in a range of mini-games and a virtual trading marketplace. Our role in this project has included game design and layout, front-end development in PHP, and Facebook integration. We also art directed and project managed the Illustration, Flash development, animation and copyrighting for the project.


Adrian Hogan — Illustration
Touch My Pixel — Flash
Ren Motion — Animation
Natasha Ludowyk — Copywriting
Amanda Smith — Copywriting


Showing off the currently owned property, and offering users the ability to invite friends by designing a CoinCan avatar for them.

Compare leaderboard

Keep an eye on your rivals’ portfolios and fashions on the leaderboard.

Investments and net worth

This screen shows you an overview of your assets and tracks your portfolio’s growth over time.

Accounts screen

Transfer money with the drag & drop interface.

Catch minigame

You can read more about this coin catching mini-game here.

The can shelf

Users can have up to 4 cans stored on their shelf and nominate to use one as their primary can. The percentages represent the popularity of their cans in a hot-or-not-esque minigame.

Print your CoinCan

You can generate a PDF and print out a flat label of your CoinCan.

CoinCan wrapping

The labels are designed to wrap around a standard size can to make a real-life CoinCan.

Real-life CoinCans

The pyramid of power!

The development team

CoinCan renditions of the entire dev team.


The game features integration with a Zazzle merchandise store. You can order your avatar on shirts, mugs, etc.

Can editor

There are dozens of options for clothing, facial features and accessories, and a potentially limitless number of combinations.

Battle cans

Vote on your favourite looking cans in battle mode.