Returning once again in Summer 2010, Rooftop Cinema continues with their annual tradition of rebranding under the guise of a leading art director. This year Craig Redman of Rinzen took the reins and presented an impressive print campaign, complete with a primary colour palette and bold ALL CAPS TYPOGRAPHY. It also featured a cast of iconic filmic caricatures relaxing on Rooftop’s signature patterned deck chairs. The challenge for our website adaptation was to preserve the style of the print designs, while enhancing them wherever possible.

Rooftop Cinema

Craig Redman — Print design



The site once again features a degree of randomisation; both the deckchair patterns and the characters are different every time you refresh the page.


Craig’s bold ALL CAPS TYPOGRAPHY proved very challenging on this page, so we employed separate sections and large sizes to keep things legible.


This page shows off the fun colour scheme of the site; each link and heading in the text rotates through one of the colours in the palette.


We were excited to turn the weekly movie program grid into rows and rows of deck-chairs, using the characters to fill in any blank spots in the schedule when the cinema is closed.


The website’s deckchair styling proved difficult to translate into HTML newsletter form, but Jonathon rose to the challenge once again, employing a tricky use of nested tables to replicate the website as best as possible.

Blinking characters

All four of the characters blink at random times on the website. You’ll have to excuse us for the repetitive nature of this animated gif preview.