A central part of our work for the Crime Stoppers Victoria project was it’s photography campaign. Inspired by a classic Crime Stoppers TVC from ‘91 we constructed a 5 foot tall cardboard mouse cursor and used it in a series of humourous photographs.

Crime Stoppers Victoria

Nick Van Cuylenburg — Sound design


Designed and Dispatched

Construction of The Finger took an arduous 4 days, and used almost 50 square metres of cardboard. Big thanks to Xina Xia for help with the construction.

Catches a Criminal

This shot was a recreation of the classic TVC. Big thanks to Tait Oosthuizen for being the model!

Spots the Suspect

We constructed a makeshift criminal lineup in our office for this shot. Big thanks to our office buddies Robots for Breakfast for being such great crooks.

Commuting Companion

We took The Finger on an excursion to Bentleigh train station for this shoot. Big thanks to our model, Alison Bellew.

Heroic Homecoming

We monopolised Fitzroy Gardens for this shot, bumping a nearby wedding party from a prime photo location. Big thanks to all our models – you know who you are!

Calls Crime Stoppers

We expected to be harassed by onlookers a lot more than we actually were when we shot this on Smith St.

Construction notes

We’ve become extremely adept at building cardboard models, which we’re sure will turn out to be a very profitable market sector one day.

Spots the Suspect video

Stop-motion video version of the Spots the Suspect shot.

Designed and Dispatched video

Stop-motion video version of the Design and Dispatched shot.

Catches a Criminal video

Stop-motion video version of the Catches a Criminal shot.

Heroic Homecoming video

Stop-motion video version of the Heroic Homecoming shot.

Calls Crime Stoppers video

Stop-motion video version of the Calls Crime Stoppers shot.

Commuting Companion video

Stop-motion video version of the Commuting Companion shot.