We shot 3 photographs for a Leaseplan print campaign; the concept was to show a series of inanimate objects that had been created from recycled cars. It was a challenging set of shoots because its difficult to make inanimate objects like a toaster, tin can, or car seat look very interesting. In the end it all came down the the lighting; we utilised a very moody mix of ambient light and precision spot-lighting with strobes.


Hunter — Art direction

Brucey the car seat

This was our first shoot working with animals, and it wasn’t actually all that bad.

Otto the can

The casting process for the leaves was excruciating.

Herman the toaster

We found this great kitchen location after days of scouting, and then realised the very next day that Jonno had the exact same table at his house!

A4 print adverts

The 3 photographs ran as A4 print adverts.