PipeDream’s latest production was part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2008, and was an exercise in production frugality. How could we get a lot for a little? We limited ourselves to one print run and one colour per side. We printed up a run of A3 posters all with the pink poster image on the front; and then utilized the reverse sides in a different manner. Half of the posters had the theatrical programme on the reverse, while the other half had small take-away flyers and badges. The flyer posters were then cut-up into small square flyers, with the off-cuts used to make badges.


Wilde poster

This poster image was printed on the front side of all the print job.

Theatrical program

The theatrical program was printed on the reverse of half the posters.

Flyers & badges

Close up and personal.


Badges made by Michael Pham of Stitch.

Flyers & badges

Half of the posters were printed with small flyers and badges on the reverse, then cut to size.