We designed and built the website for an East Brunswick fashion boutique. The site is built on the Shopify e-commerce system, and features a clean and pared-back layout. Despite having a highly structured design, content areas are mostly defined by their surrounding white space. The result is a shop where the products have a strong but restrained presence; the opposite of many visually crowded online retailers.


Ortolan — Identity



Monk House asked for the first page of the site to have an assuredly calm presence, and to not feature any products for sale. Staff don’t assault visitors to their physical store with specials and sales pitches; so why should their website be any different?


The front page of the store features a deliberately small number of products, and Monk House even take the care to consider how the products look when they sit next to each other.


This particular product page was handpicked to show here in our folio; it’s perfectly colour co-ordinated with the design of the site itself!

About us

Have you noticed how the gems up the top of the page are a little bit different on every page?