We’ve been working with Melbourne Fringe again on the identity for their annual arts festival. Building on the ideas and visuals from 2009, we envisioned a city made from the creative output of it’s residents. We constructed a replica of Melbourne’s CBD from 512 pieces of treated pine; that’s just over a tonne of timber.

Melbourne Fringe

Hero image #1

We staged the photo shoot on the main stage of The Lithuanian Club in North Melbourne, which is one of the festival’s main venues. One of the best things about working for the festival is their enthusiastic support of our crazy ideas; they had no problem mobilising a team of 30 volunteers to build the city and model for the camera.

Hero image #2

This is from the same setup as the other image, but shot from the opposite perspective in the audience. Keen observers may notice the Melbourne Fringe staff members in the front row.


Close-up shot of the city showing the corner of Spencer and Flinders Streets. Getting a tonne of timber cut to size was quite a heroic feat in itself.

Tram wrap

One of the most exciting tasks this year was designing an entire tram for the festival. This special number 57 tram ran through the festival hub in North Melbourne. Photo by Katie Harmsworth.

Tram wrapping

The tram gets wrapped before heading out on Route 57, which runs through the North Melbourne Festival Hub on Errol St.

Festival guide covers

The front and back of the Program Guide featured the wooden city from reverse angles.

Festival guide spreads

Expertly printed by Gunn & Taylor, the 84 page festival guide featured close-up artwork of the wooden city throughout.

Festival guide video

Not content with mere photographs of the festival guide? How about a video?

iPhone designs

We supplied the images and some design tweaks for EFirst’s iPhone application for this year’s festival.

Fringe venue poster

Bold posters proudly announced a venue’s affiliation with the festival.


One of many large banners and flags used by the festival during media events. Photo by Katie Harmsworth.

Repurposed signage from 2009

Remember the billboard from our work in 2009? Well it lived on, shown here as a backdrop behind a performer at Fringe’s 2010 launch event. Photo by Katie Harmsworth.

Re-repurposed signage from 2009

Painted black, backlit and reused inside the festival club, the sign continues to shine on. Photo by Katie Harmsworth.

Mini guides

Three pocket sized mini guides highlighted Fringe events in three locales: CBD, North Melbourne, and south of the Yarra. Photo by Katie Harmsworth.

Ticket centre signage

Vinyl signage was installed on Fringe’s ticket centre in QV. Photo by Katie Harmsworth.